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Kiwi Electronics

Allen Bradley PLC5 Repair Service

We specialize in repairing all PLC 5 cards, including processors and power supplies. Every device is repaired and then thoroughly tested in one of the racks, where we load a sample program into the processor and run simulations testing the card. If you have a card or cards that need fixing contact [email protected] for details on shipping and price for repair

Allen Bradley PLC Rack 1

We run 2-4 slot racks which allows us the flexibility to repair any of the PLC5 cards.

Allen Bradley PLC Rack 2

The second of our racks allows us to "burn" a card in without the need to turn the power off, while testing another card. The cable seen bottom right is the line card extender which allows us to repair or calibrate a card while connected to the rack.

Allen Bradley PLC 5 1771-IXE.

This PLC5 card has the extenders fitted, which allows us to do calibrations, take voltage and resistance measurements as required to fully test a unit.

Allen Bradley PLC 5 1771-IXE, older style

We have the ability to repair older through hole cards as well as SMT. It makes no difference to our repair staff, they are very qualified to repair all types of PLC5 card