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Kiwi Electronics

AB SLC500 Repair Service

We specialize in repairing all SLC500 cards, including processors and power supplies. Every device is repaired and then thoroughly tested in our rack, where we load a sample program into the processor and run simulations testing the card. If you have a card or cards that need fixing contact [email protected] for details on shipping and price for repair

SLC Test rack

All cards are tested both before and after repair to ensure a complete functioning card is returned to the owner.

1746-XX All modules

We repair all the 1746 series of modules. We have test fixtures for all the variant to full test every function required to give a SLC 500 card a clean Bill of Health.

1746-BTM Barrel Temp module

Apart from the standard Input and Output Modules, these 1746-BTM are one of the main units repair.