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Kiwi Electronics

Cable Assemblies

We stock many different types of cables, and we can build just about any type of cable you may need, from Allan Bradley 1492-CABLE025X swing arm cables and Encoder cables, Audio, RF patch cables, Card Edge, extension cables. If you need a cable either give us the specifications (cable spec, connector part #, cable length), and let us take care of that for you. We can supply components or just provide the labor to assemble as required.

Contact us for pricing on cables as required at [email protected] for more information.

A few examples of what we are capable of are illustrated below


Priced at $75.00 ea We also build the breakout boards for these and can offer 2 sizes. One is a single row of terminals and the other for space saving is a double row. They can be prewired if required, and come with either "DIN" rail mounts or ready to be screwed to a panel backboard.

AB Prewired 1492 swing arm (KE92-CABLE025X)